Cpl. Matt Sanchez, USMC
Right-Wing Gay Porn Star, Prostitute, Liar, Con Artist

Two Alan Colmes Shows

First Sanchez Interview
March 8, 2007

Early in the interview, Sanchez twice acknowledges having been a male prostitute.

COLMES: Tell us what happened. A number of years ago, how many years ago was it, you did gay porn?
SANCHEZ: It was 15 years ago and it just wasn’t gay porn by the way. Uh, but it was 15 years ago

COLMES: What else was it?
SANCHEZ: It was more than that but it was ...

COLMES: Did you work as a male prostitute?
SANCHEZ: That as well, yeah.

COLMES: You were a male prostitute?
SANCHEZ: Yes. This was one of the worst periods of my life

Later in the same interview, Sanchez acknowledges running a massage business, advertising in gay publications and serving a gay clientèle. But he denies being gay; denies that his advertising appeared in the New York Blade; and says that the massager service phone number where Colmes's producers contacted him is not his. In a subsequent interviews and statements, Sanchez has used Colmes's initial confusion over the name of gay publication and the year in which his "massage" advertising ran to suggest that his acknowledgment of prostitution was invalid.

COLMES: It turns out that you advertised in the Advocate here in New York City, for your massage services as recently as three years ago
SANCHEZ: No, there's no such thing as an Advocate here in New York City

COLMES: Yeah, there's a magazine called The Advocate. Your phone number's on it, your picture
SANCHEZ: The number you contacted me at?


COLMES: And it says that you're available for massage.
SANCHEZ: Massage. Yeah. No. Sorry.

COLMES: It was November of 2003
SANCHEZ: Yeah. I hear you. No.

COLMES: I can show you the link. It's there.
SANCHEZ: Give it to me. Send it over. That's fine. I mean anything, I'll own up to it. That's not what the issue at hand is ...

COLMES: No but I understand, but ...
SANCHEZ: Those movies ...

COLMES: You've been very candid so far ...
SANCHEZ: Yes, I want to be as candid as possible

COLMES: You’re saying it was 15-plus years ago. It seems like it was a lot less than that.
SANCHEZ: Throughout the mid’ 90s. 1993, 1994.

COLMES: That’s how long ago it was?
SANCHEZ: Yeah, Well. We’re talking about the film.

COLMES: What about gay massage stuff?
SANCHEZ: Massage stuff. I am a licensed massage therapist

(Note: A check of New York State licensing records in April 2007 showed no massage license issued to Matthew Sanchez.)

COLMES: And do you cater to gay men?
SANCHEZ: No. Not exclusively

COLMES: Are you gay?
SANCHEZ: No. Absolutely not.

COLMES: You’re not gay?
SANCHEZ: And I’ll be very candid about that.

COLMES: You were marketing yourself as a masseur for gay men and doing gay films and you said you were a prostitute for gay men, so ...
SANCHEZ: There’s a different word for that today

COLMES: Hustler, whatever.
SANCHEZ: I own up to …

COLMES: Why would you do that if you’re not gay?
SANCHEZ: I think people listening probably don’t realize it, but those who are the in know realize that this isn’t as cut and dry, black and white. There are lots of shades in between. Especially a lot of the clients weren’t … wouldn’t have considered themselves gay. … The majority of the clients weren’t openly gay. A lot of them were married. It really wasn’t at all as cut and dried. Most of the people who came to me at that time really wouldn’t have considered themselves as gay.

COLMES: But you were not servicing women, you were servicing men
SANCHEZ: Um, there were those as well. Absolutely. There were definitely tons of women.

COLMES: And you took ads in gay publications
SANCHEZ: As well as other publications

COLMES: There’s an ad in something called Masseur Finder
SANCHEZ: Yeah, I’ve seen that. I’ve been getting calls in the past couple weeks on that, and I am not running that ad

COLMES: Right, and there’s an ad in The Advocate, and I’m trying to come up with the date for that, which is a New York publication

COLMES: I’m sorry, it’s the New York Blade, forgive me
SANCHEZ: The New York Blade

COLMES: It was the New York Blade
SANCHEZ: Another one

COLMES: And that ad was from November 19th, 2004

(Note: Colmes was referring to "No Regrets Massage," which advertised in The New York Blade between from July through November 2004.)

SANCHEZ: Sure. Let me tell …
COLMES: An ad for you

SANCHEZ: Sure. Let me tell you something really interesting
COLMES: Let me correct myself. It was the New York Blade, a gay publication, but not the Advocate

SANCHEZ: Great. Fair enough. Um, I’ve seen. I was in Australia one time and I saw someone advertising using my picture. Anyone who knows that …
COLMES: But this had your phone number on it too

(Note: A poster on a website dedicated to customer appraisals of male prostitutes noted that he had seen Sanchez -- in the form of his porn video stage name "Ron Majors" in Australia with an older man who appeared to be an escort client.)

COLMES: Your current phone number

SANCHEZ: That’s not my current phone number
COLMES: O.K., I’ll show it to you

SANCHEZ: I mean, I’ve had my current phone number for about a year
COLMES: Well okay I’ll show you

SANCHEZ: No problem, Well look, I own up to all of that stuff. I just want to make that straight. But for the past week I’ve had people calling me about this and apparently someone has placed an ad just recently
COLMES: Well this is three years ago. I’ll show you the link during the commercial break

SANCHEZ: I’m talking about just yesterday
COLMES: Really

SANCHEZ: This isn’t … there’s something going on

Second Sanchez Interview
March 30, 2007

HOST: Alan Colmes
PROSTITUTE: Tracy Quan, (female) "sex worker"
SANCHEZ: Cpl. Matt Sanchez, USMC
COMEDIAN: Barry Weintraub

In this panel discussion, Sanchez denied having been a prostitute and denied operating "No Regrets Massage." But he admitted that he had lied to Colmes and his other guests when he denied knowing the prostitute who operated "No Regrets" -- and who happens to live in Sanchez midtown Manhattan apartment building. He also acknowledged knowing Rich Merritt, a former Marine Corps officer who wrote a book discussing his performances in gay porn videos, his drug addiction and suicide attempts.

Note:I wasn't able to find an-online link to the this show, but I have the files and will work on putting them on You Tube and linking them here.

COLMES: And now Matt, you’re a conservative sex worker.
SANCHEZ: I’m not a sex worker. I did
a couple of adult films.

COLMES: You did massage for how many years?
SANCHEZ: It wasn’t sex massage, for God’s sakes!

COMEDIAN: Were you a volunteer?
COLMES: When you advertise in the Blade and do massage, and you take money for it, you’re a sex worker.

SANCHEZ: Alan, come on, that wasn’t my ad. What were you reading there?
COLMES: I showed it to you last time you were here.

SANCHEZ: You didn’t show it to me. I’ve been looking for it. I still can’t find it.
COLMES: It was an ad with your phone number in it

SANCHEZ: 646? O.K.
PROSTITUTE: Look, he says he wasn’t, so … but you did make the movies


COLMES: Bringing up this New York Blade thing now from November 19th 2004 which has an ad in it SANCHEZ: Bring it up again

COLMES: You claimed just now that I didn't show it to you when you were here and I and did
SANCHEZ: You did

COLMES: And you actually acknowledged that it was your picture in the ad
SANCHEZ: Bloggers all over the place are looking for ...

PROSTITUTE: Are you saying there were different kinds of ads in The Blade and that some were for sex and some were not? I want to know. Because I don't read The Blade that much.
SANCHEZ: Sure. I don't even know what The Blade is.

PROSTITUTE: You don't? But you had an ad in there?
SANCHEZ: No, I never had an ad in The Blade. That's the issue. First he said it was the Advocate, now it's the Blade

COLMES: No, first I said it was the Advocate, then I corrected myself
COMEDIAN: Somebody Photoshopped it? That's possible.

SANCHEZ: Absolutely.
PROSTITUTE: This guy Rich Merritt, do you know him?

SANCHEZ: I do know Rich Merritt. Rich Merritt was a Marine.
PROSTITUTE: Rich Merritt was a Marine. He says that a lot of Marines are involved in the sex industry ...

PROSTITUTE: And that it's very appealing to Marines

COLMES: Matt, here is the ad. I'm showing it to you right now.
SANCHEZ: Just so everyone knows, I'm about 10 feet away from it right now

COLMES: And you said this was you.
PROSTITUTE: I can't see the ad

SANCHEZ: It looks like 212 blah blah. My number is 646
COLMES: Well this is the number we have for you.

PROSTITUTE: 646 doesn't exist in the United States
COLMES: Is this you in the ad?

SANCHEZ: That's not me. I'm looking at it right now. Thanks for showing it to me. No, that is not me.
PROSTITUTE: I'm getting confused

COLMES: You said it was the last time you were here.
SANCHEZ: Listen to (unintelligible) the show, I said no, no.

COMEDIAN: I feel like I'm in a courtroom drama now
COLMES: It's an ad for No Regrets Massage

SANCHEZ: No Regrets Massage
COLMES: Is that your company?

SANCHEZ: That is not my company.
COMEDIAN: What was your company?

SANCHEZ: I worked for a gym at that time. I won't mention it on air. I worked for a fairly upscale gym.
COLMES: I don't want to mention any names, but the number we have for you

COLMES: .. which I then associated with a massage person that was in The New York Blade as recently as November 2004

SANCHEZ: Correct
COLMES: We just found out that that number is registered to somebody who you ... First you said you didn't know who it was. Now you've flipped and you've said, "Well I do know who that person is ..."

PROSTITUTE: Alan, this is semantics.
SANCHEZ: Is that number registered?

PROSTITUTE: I want to know why Matt feels there is something wrong with sex working
COLMES: What if you did give massages, so what?

PROSTITUTE: I don't think it really matters whether you had sex with a ...
COLMES: And if you're gay, who cares?

SANCHEZ: Alan ...
PROSTITUTE: I just want to say something. You had sex on screen. This is a job. You got paid for it. Did you give them back that money you made? And do you feel that it was honest work?

SANCHEZ: Absolutely.
PROSTITUTE: And did your feelings change about that ...

SANCHEZ: Alan, just say right now who is that ... Is that number registered to me?
COLMES: First of all, the name that comes up, I don't want to mention any names ...

SANCHEZ: Is it my name?
COLMES: ... is not your name. But that doesn't mean you don't live there.

SANCHEZ: I do live in that building

PROSTITUTE: But the fact that
COLMES: First you denied knowing that person

PROSTITUTE: This is about the fact that we all have a neighbor who's a sex worker. We all have a friend who's a sex worker. And we don't realize it. A lot of us have relatives who are sex workers and we don't realize it. So I'm not surprised that there's someone hustling in Matt's building
COLMES: But how is it that we have that number listed as your number?

SANCHEZ: I have no idea
COMEDIAN: Hey Matt, you were asked if you knew the person and you said no, and then a moment later you changed your mind and said yes, which is why I nominate you to be the new attorney general of the United States (laughter)

COMEDIAN: So wait, Matt, you're very inconsistent
SANCHEZ: I wanted to protect the identity of that person

COLMES: But we weren't on the air when we were having that conversation, so there's nothing to protect
COMEDIAN: You said no. I watched your face. You said no.

SANCHEZ: I said no
COMEDIAN: Tracy, you watched him and you said, "He knows him." Because you saw him smile.

COLMES: And then you flipped and said, "I know him, he lives in my building." And we had that number listed in your building and you said, "It's an apartment in my building, but it's not my apartment."

COMEDIAN: So you're a conservative who's inconsistent
COLMES: So people feel you're not being, if I may use the word, straight with them on this whole issue