Cpl. Matt Sanchez, USMC
Right-Wing Gay Porn Star, Prostitute, Liar, Con Artist

Smerconish Show Transcript

Michael Smerconish Morning Show
WPHT, Philadelphia
March 9, 2007

HOST: Michael Smerconish

In this interview, Sanchez claims to have performed heterosexual adult film roles. In fact, all of his porn appearances were
gay; of the 38 films in which he appears, one is titled "Bi Conflict," but in that film Sanchez has sex with other males. Sanchez also claims in this interview to have been told by the Marine Corps that "there is no problem" with his revelations. Within 10 days of this appearance, the USMC launched an investigation. Sanchez also claims to be having a relationship with a woman.

SANCHEZ: I’m a reservist in the Marine Corps. And that means I’m a civilian and a student just like anyone else. 

HOST: I haven’t seen "Jawbreaker." 
SANCHEZ: You probably haven’t seen some of the straight ones, either.

HOST: But it’s guys, isn’t it?
SANCHEZ: Not all of them.
HOST: Now are you having a relationship with a woman?
SANCHEZ: Um, I’m going to keep that under my hat, but yes. I don’t want any of this turned toward anyone else besides myself.

HOST: Is your Marine status as a reservist in jeopardy because …
SANCHEZ: Absolutely not

HOST: Because, why? I mean, I don’t understand
SANCHEZ: Because it has nothing to do with anything. I’m a reservist. I mean, my activities as a civilian have nothing to do with anything.
HOST: Right, but I would think someone could say Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell has been violated by you
outing yourself at Salon.com
SANCHEZ: No, I haven’t. And I don’t think I’ve outed myself at all. But so far, the word I’ve gotten is there’s not a problem.
SANCHEZ: They just don’t … this is a hands-off thing.