Cpl. Matt Sanchez, USMC
Right-Wing Gay Porn Star, Prostitute, Liar, Con Artist

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News and Blogs

Marine Corps Times, March 16, 2007. Alt

Marine Corps Times, March 23, 2007. Alt

Marine Corps Times, April 1, 2007. Alt

William Johnson's "Matt Sanchez" blog. The most definitive compilation on the Internet. Alt

WikiCU article. "WikiCU" is a discussion board at Columbia University. Like William Johnson's blog it uses the same look and feel of the well-known Wikipedia, but the content is independent from Wikipedia. The WikiCU article is accurate but not as complete as Johnson's. Alt

Joe.My.God (gay blog, no explicit photos) postings and comment threads

Towleroad (gay blog, no explicit photos) postings and comment threads. Alt

Radio Interviews with transcripts

Alan Colmes, March 8 and March 30, 2007

Michael Smerconish March 9, 2007

Michaelangelo Signorile, March 12, 2007

Martha Zoller, March 19, 2007

Written Interviews + Matt's Salon.com Article

Kristen Bjorn porn interview, 1999. Note: Interview is not dated, but the content of the conversation indicates it took place in 1999. Explicit. Alt

Joe.My.God., March 7, 2007. Gay blog, not explicit.

Matt's Salon.com article, March 8, 2007. Alt

Radar Online, March 30, 2007. Not a gay publication, but explicit language. Alt-1 Alt-2

Randy Thomas, April, 9, 2007. Interviewer is an executive of an "ex-gay" Christian group. Not explicit, but probably one of the most dishonest things you'll read here. Alt

Prostitution website

In 1999, Sanchez advertised his services as a prostitute via a website he controlled, "Excellent Top.com." For a time, he acknowledged his history as a prostitute, but when bloggers noted that his prostitution had been illegal under both civilian and military law, Sanchez denied having been a prostitute. He tried to block public access to the site, but
a third party purchased Excellent Top.com in 2009 and removed the public access block. Even while access was blocked, this site had managed to obtain a copy of the site and publish it here. I have preserved that copy in case the block should be restored at some future point. Click here to access this site's archive of Sanchez's Excellent Top site, including escort photos, a copy of his voice, and proof of his ownership of "Excellent Top.com."

In 2002, Sanchez removed his prostitution advertising from "Excellent Top.com." He retained ownership of the domain until 2009, when his registration lapsed and a third party purchased it and removed the public access block. Sanchez continued his prostitution after 2002, under the guise of "No Regrets Massage," which advertised in gay publications including the New York Blade. The "No Regrets" ads ran as late as 2004, while Sanchez was serving as a Marine Corps reservist.

New York Blade ad

Website with explicit photos that you can use to decide whether Sanchez was never gay

Tom Bacchus. The link will get you to an April 1 posting dealing with Sanchez. Scroll down to find other postings on March 5, March 9 and March 11. Very explicit.

Customers review Sanchez's performance as a prostitute.

Links are explicit.



Sanchez's Porn Career


High School

Sanchez's brother, Marco, is a former Olympic wrestler, and more recently a middle school principal in Lodi, California. A 2007 article about Marco Sanchez describes him as "the first and only member of his family to graduate high school."

In correspondence with this author, Matthew Sanchez has claimed to have graduated from high school, but deflected requests for independently verifiable evidence of having done so.